Houston’s Lindale Park Home Prices

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Houston’s Lindale Park Home Prices Have Appreciated.

Lindale Park home prices are appreciating

One of the entrances to Lindale Park

Lindale Park is wonderful Northside neighborhood of 1940’s cottages, plus a few bungalows and ranch styles. Click here to see my page on Lindale Park.

Although still called Houston’s Hidden Jewel because most Houstonians have never heard of it, Lindale Park house prices have been steadily increasing. Appreciation hasn’t been as much as the home prices of nearby Houston Heights or Garden Oaks. It is just a little more out of the way. Lindale park is located just inside the 610 Loop, straddling Irvington.
See the post on the light rail coming to this area though. I believe homes prices here are about to rapidly appreciate. This might be a good time to consider buying a house in Lindale Park.

In analyzing Lindale Park home prices or homes in other mid-century neighborhoods, I lump them generally into 3 categories based on condition:

  • Original condition – These have been marginally maintained. They are the perfect “Re-do”, or a tear-down if in an area with a lot of new construction. The bootom end of this category will be close to lot value.
  • Well maintained – Grandma lives here. Nicely cared for, recent paint, maybe some updated fixtures. A nice house,  just dated.
  • Renovated – Totally redone kitchens and baths. Maybe granite and stainless steel, refinished floors. A younger couple bought Grandma’s house and brought it up to date.
Lindale Park Approximate Price Range of Homes
2-3 BR/1Bath 3BR/2 Bath
Avg SF  1250 SF  1850 SF
Avg Lot Size  7000 SF  7000
Price –Tear Down  $115,000 – 125,000  $115,000 – $135,000
Price –Well Maintained  $135,000 – 150,000  $150,000 – $175,000
Price – Totally Updated  $160,000 – $199,000  $195,000 – $290,000


These prices are approximate of course. Location, location, location, still rules, even within a subdivision.  A house near a commercial street, or surrounde by junky homes is worth less. Often the garage has been converted to a den or extra bedroom. This can be positive or negative depending on floor plan and quality of work. So, use this as a rough guide when starting your house buying, or house selling process.

Something else that impacts home pricing is months of inventory on the market.

This area currently has about 20 homes available for sale. They are selling at about 2/month. This gives an inventory of 10 months. Roughly 6-7 months inventory is considered neutral. Greater than this is a buyer’s market. This puts pricing pressure on those wanting to sell quickly. Because there aren’t a huge number of homes for sale in Lindale Park, this number tends to jump around more and is not as acuurate.
Check back again,

I will update Lindale Park home prices


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  1. Martha Mata says:

    My home is located at 304 Woodard St. 77009, about four years ago I paid 170,000.00 for the house(the bathroom and kitchen need to be updated). My question is…if the bathroom and kitchen are updated will I get a return on my money? The house has two bedrooms and one bath.

  2. Rich says:

    Martha, I just sent you a list of remodeled homes in Lindale. Remodeled homes typically sell for $130-140/SF, some higher than this. If you can do the remodel for $25k or so, you should be all right.
    I haven’t seen your house, but compare it to the list I sent you. Exterior elevation & curb appeal are huge items too, so compare these too. Contact me again if you need more info…Rich

  3. Angelica says:

    I have been considering selling my home on English street. I am unsure however if this would be the right choice. Do you think the metro rail will help increase the property value or could it go down in value? I am five houses from Fulton and I see that it is one of the few cross signals. I am concerned about the noise factor and the possible traffic up and down the street. However I also can see how this would be a commuters paradise. This is a three bedroom, two bath house. What is your professional opinion?

    Thank you

  4. Rich says:

    People still seem to love the train. I have friends who go out of their way to ride it around the park and Med Center.So, I think it has to help. This will be one of the few rail lines that go through a real community.
    Just think how easy the commute to downtown will be. I can’t remember where the stations are planned: One, South at Quitman; another near the Loop? (Sorry, my brain is all Christmassy). I don’t know about timing either. Nothing the government does is done quickly or efficiently. The recession is not ending soon either, so I don’t see a big land rush.
    Lindale is an area I recommend to everyone who can’t afford Heights and Rice Military prices. Let me know if I can offer advice on your house. A two bath house is always good….Rich