Lindale Park Homes, Then & Now

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The Lindale Park Homes Original Sales Brochure

This brochure showed up on the internet recently. I don’t know who the Modster is, but I thank him for sharing this. I love old neighborhoods, and original photos are especially cool, so I thought I would pass them on. I compare the old photos with recent photos of Lindale Park homes in the video below.

Lindale Park Homes Sales Brochure

Lindale Park Sales Brochure

There are two noticeable changes in Lindale Park since I last wrote about it:
1. There aren’t many homes for sale in the area. Probably the lowest number I’ve seen in years. On my post of Dec 17, 2009, Lindale Park Price Trends I said there were 20 homes on the market, and an inventory of 10 months. (6-7 months inventory is neutral; more is a buyer’s market; less is a seller’s market). Well now there are now only 8 homes “active” on the market, plus 4 that are pending. They are selling at about 3/month; so inventory is less than 4 months. So…thinking about selling? It might be a good time, even with the holidays approaching. Note to the two For Sale By owners in Lindale Park. See my Top 20 Tips for Houston FSBO’s , or give me a call and talk about professional marketing of your home.
2. Fulton Street has been undergoing construction in preparation for light rail. It is horrible to drive now, being reduced from two lanes to one. The plan is to bring the North Line Rail up this street up to the old Northline Mall (Now re-built and renamed, Northline Commons). I thought it would be worth the mess though when this was finally complete. I have no clue about the destiny of this line now though. It’s being delayed, for sure. See my expletive deleted comments below.

Anyway, I love old neighborhoods and especially old photos of how it used to be. Well, Lindale Park homes haven’t changed much, at least not the exterior.  It is still the “Hidden Jewel.” The video below shows more from this brochure and recent photos of Lindale Park homes. I recommend Lindale Park highly to those who don’t want to spend the money it takes to get into the Heights.

Final note: I have to say something about light rail. (Don’t read any further if you are a big government fan). Just when I thought that maybe the rail would make some sense…actually bring it through a real neighborhood, and connect it to a logical location. I thought, maybe I was wrong in thinking it was a total boondoggle. Well, boondoggle is back! Why the hell isn’t David Wolff (ex Metro Chief) in front of a grand jury explaining how he gave contracts to a Spanish company in total disregard to the “Buy America” clause required by the Feds? It just pisses me off that we Houstonians will pay for cancelling the contract and untold millions more that this crony of Bill White caused.
I haven’t decided if I like our new mayor, but she earned points with me for sweeping the roaches out of Metro.
This just reinforces my belief that stupidity reigns in every big government project.  I just can’t wait for Obamacare!
But…Lindale Park is a cool place to live and to buy a home. It will just have to suffer a while longer for the actions of our illustrious leaders.
The Dallas Morning News has a succinct article on light rail screw up.

My favorite Blog, Swamplot, has an article that says the North Corridor Line near Lindale Park may be salvaged.

Lastly, check my blog post from almost a year ago about Lindale Park Home Prices.

Another post will be coming soon updating Lindale Park home sales, prices, etc. Any questions about Lindale Park? Email me or leave a comment…Thanks…Rich Martin, Inner Loop Realtor

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  1. Jesi says:


    I was wondering if you knew where I could find more information about the history of Lindale Park. I have read that the subdivision was originally built surrounding a golf course and I would like some more information about this. Any suggestions? Thanks

  2. Rich says:

    I couldn’t find any more than that myself. There are a lot of websites mentioning the history of Lindale Park, and they all mention the golf cousrse, but that’s all. Wikipedia has only that.
    I had run across a couple of personal blogs on Lindale Park, but I can’t find them now. So…I don’t know where to easily find this unless some residents of the area happen to know and respond here. Good luck…Rich

  3. dd says:

    The golf course was originally bounded by Fulton St on the west, Irvington Blvd on the east, Graceland St on the south, and Linder St on the north. Linder St, and the houses lining it, were later acquired as part of the right of way for 610. By this time, the golf course had been re-platted into lots to expand the subdivision. Many of the homes along Linder St were moved to lots in the sections that were originally part of the golf course. One of the relocated homes belonged to Roy Reid, the developer of Lindale Park (the home is featured in the brochure). The Reid home was originally located on the corner of Irvington Blvd & Linder St. It was relocated to (and still stands at) the corner of Helmers and Woodard, across the street from St Albans Episcopal Church.

  4. Rich says:

    Thanks for info. I get a lot of inquiries about this neighborhood, and a lot of stories about it. There is just so much history in these old neighborhoods…Rich