Lindale Park – Houston’s Hidden Jewel

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Lindale Park- You Must Visit!

Doesn't this Lindale Park house look like a small West U house?

Doesn’t this Lindale Park house look like a small West U house?

I’m amazed at how many friends and clients I have who live inside the loop, or just outside, who know nothing about Lindale Park. It’s a charming 1940’s community that has maintained its uniqueness. It is just the other side of I-45 from the Heights, but a different world all together.

In 1937,  Mr. Roy Reid decided to develop a subdivision right next to the Lindale Golf Club. The well-planned community would last, unlike the golf course that would eventually be replaced by additional housing. Mr. Reid’s quaint bungalows and cottages still stand today, a credit to quality construction of the time. You will notice the trademark unusually wide streets, a novelty years ago, but so practical and appreciated in our time. While most houses in Lindale Park, were made of brick in a variety of textures and colors, there are also homes with stone veneer and of course wood framed homes.

Types of Homes in Lindale Park.

Although certain house styles predominate in Houston’s Lindale Park, these are not cookie-cutter homes.
Cottages with detailed exterior brickwork, and arched interior doorways are most common.  These have steeply pitched roofs and cropped eaves and are very distinctive for this neighborhood.  This area has always reminded me of a downsized West U because of its wide streets and steeply pitched roof homes.

Another typical cottage in Houston's Lindale Park

Another typical cottage in Houston’s Lindale Park

After World War II, ranch homes made their way into the community, sporting large window fronts and comfortable, neat appearances.

As you drive down Irvington, the main street in this development, you will appreciate the large well-manicured lawns.

This community seems to be making a more recent effort to “gentrify.” Some bigger homes are being constructed on double-size lots or even larger parcels of land. Some seem rather out of place within the community, but most have found a niche that seems quite fitting for their street and neighbors.

Graceful oaks and magnolia trees line the streets. They seem to invite you to get out for a leisurely stroll.  As older neighborhoods do, Lindale Park’s large lots give a sense of spaciousness.

The homeowners of Lindale Park are predominantly Mexican-American. They would be classified as middle-class, but their interest in maintaining and developing their community is more than average.  A community center is a permanent fixture within the development to encourage neighborhood activities as well as address any concerns that might arise. Lindale is a progressive, well-kept community with an eye on the future.

Is Lindale Park the Next Hot Area?

People always ask my opinion on the next “Hot” area. It’s way too late to get a bargain bungalow in the Heights; Idylwood was discovered years ago; Oak Forest is booming, but has some decent prices. I used to tell people that Lindale Park would boom if it weren’t so isolated. There was no reason for people to go through the area; there is limited shopping; the nearest mall was scary.
Well guess what? Lindale Park house prices are about to boom!
Northline Mall has been renovated (thus the dearth of shopping has been rectified), and the Metro has started construction on light rail. People flock to light rail! It will go along Fulton street and have a Graceland Station in Lindale park. This area has to boom! It would be doing so now if builders could get money. If you want a cute little house in a wonderful area and a huge upside, look at Lindale Park.

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