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Search for Lindale Park homes here, as well as getting recent home sales, market conditions and more.  Learn all about Lindale Park history, house styles, the light rail and more. I even have video of the neighborhood and a printable Lindale Park Snapshot.

One of my favorite and most promising neighborhoods is Lindale Park. It has been called Houston’s Hidden Jewel. I describe it as a miniature West University. Brick cottages with high pitched roofs; wide tree-lined streets; pride in the neighborhood. These 1940’s and 1950’s homes are old enough to have been built on block and beam foundations and have wood floors.  Thus they are ideal homes to renovate, no slab problems to deal with; gorgeous wood floors; cool architectural features.

Lindale Park Location and Map

Lindale Park Houston Map


Where is Lindale Park? Lindale Park is northern boundary of a larger area known as Near Northside.

It is just East of I-45 from the Heights. South of the 610 N Loop, North of Cavalcade. It is bound by Fulton on the West (where the new rail line is) and extends just past Irvington to Robertson on the East. Just drop down Irvington from the 610 N Loop and you’ll be there.

Fulton Street is home of the recently added Light Rail, Red Line.

House Age & Styles

Lindale Park Home Style

Arched doorways, inside French doors, telephone niches

Lindale Park has some big two story homes, a scattering of 1950’s ranch style homes, but the majority of the homes are 1940’s cottage style with a distinctive tall peaked-roof (like image at top). Very cool, distinctive looking homes.

Brick cottages are most common with lots of interesting detail in the brick work.

Big yards (minimum lot size is ~5000 SF, though most are >7000 SF), big trees, wide curbed streets.
The home interiors are cool also. They have original phone nooks, built-in ironing boards, arched interior doors to kitchen and dining rooms, lots of French doors.  Arched brick entry doorways are common too.

Lindale Park has just wonderful old homes. Again, I call this area a miniature West University.

Lindale Park Market Conditions

The average Days on Market was 34 for the last half of 2014, which indicates a strong market. It’s a small community though, so sales were only about 4/month. About half the homes were in need of repairs/renovation. The exhausted buyers chasing homes in Heights and Oak Forest look here too.

The light rail was completed last year. It is the one leg of the rail system that actually serves a true neighborhood. Walk to the Fulton stop and be downtown in 10 minutes.

I expect big changes to Fulton Street, which will draw even more people.

Lindale Park Home Search (MLS Search)

See below for an MLS search for homes in this area.

Lindale Park History:

Lindale Park- 1940's Sales Brochure

Developed by Roy Reid in 1937. He chose the location next to the existing Lindale Park Golf Course. The Golf course is long gone (replaced by more housing) but these great old homes survive today.

See the original ca. 1940 Lindale Park Sales Brochure.  Some of these homes look exactly the same now as then.

Lindale Park Video

The YouTube Video below shows some old photos from a 1940 sales brochure and the homes as they are today.

Lindale Park Future:

This is an area I recommend highly. It has a wonderful neighborhood feel. I have never seen a neighborhood that has as many evening walkers as Lindale. Every evening dozens of people are out walking their kids or dogs, or just chatting to each other.  It’s just odd to see that many people out at once.

I think what’s held it back in the past is its isolation. It’s kind of hemmed in, with no major shopping areas. People cross under I-45 to shop in the Heights. The light rail opened in December 2013. I believe it is going to be a big driving force in development. This is one neighborhood where you can walk to the rail line and take it into UH, or beyond to downtown, Med Center etc. To the north it goes to a transit center near Crosstimber, and the newly renovated Mall.

There are rarely a lot of Lindale Park homes for sale. What is on the market ranges from original 1940’s homes needing complete update, or nicely remodeled homes. New construction is rare. I believe the time is right for it though. The good news is that it won’t be high density homes like Shady Acres or First Ward. Deed restrictions general allow only one single family home per lot, and the lots are big. I believe this will soon be another Oak Forest, a mix of new and remodeled homes.

The Civic Association fights hard to keep its deed restrictions intact. This neighborhood has a strong sense of community.

Misc. Lindale Park Facts

Deed Restrictions: Yes

• Civic Association: Yes, strong

• Flood Zone: No

• Townhomes: None…never will be

• Rentals: A couple of single family homes per month. $1000 to $2000/month.

• Subdivision Size: Small ~1200 homes

• Lindale Park Zip Code: 77009

For other areas outside the Heights see the page on Areas Near the Heights.

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