Near Northside Homes for Sale

Near Northside Homes, Northside Village

The Near Northside is an area with huge potential for growth.

Near Northside Home For Sale

If you love Heights style homes (mainly bungalows and Victorians), but don’t love Heights prices, then this area may be for you. If you like uniformity, you won’t like it here. The home shown here is typical of the style of home, but not typical of condition. There are a few gorgeous renovated homes, but most are in rough condition.

It is a hodge podge of cool old homes, and homes that could be cool if renovated. It reminds me of Galveston…old homes passed down from one generation to the next.

The light rail is the turning point though I will write a more detailed page on this area, but for now, here are past posts on Near Northside:

New Construction in Near Northside. Avenue CDC has been building in the area for several years now. These homes are a great value, and represent something rare in the area…new construction. Reqad about them here.

Near Northside Home Prices 2012.  This is not a fast-changing area (yet). These prices may not still be good, but it shows the type of homes found in this area.

Lindale Park is a popular neighborhood just north of here.
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