The Heights & Greater Heights

“The Heights” is a confusing term. It initially referred to Houston Heights, developed in the 1890’s. This is the biggest, oldest, original part of the Heights. See the page devoted to it. Over the decades several other Heights neighborhoods have grown up around it. Woodland Heights, Sunset Heights, Norhill, Brooke Smith and many more. The image below shows a few of these neighborhoods that are now collectively called the Heights.
The largest of these neighborhoods are listed below. I have a page devoted to each of them Click on the links to get prices, MLS Home Search, history, location and more.

Each one of these Heights subdivisions is unique in style, price, amount of new homes, etc.

Houston Heights Homes

Brooke Smith Homes

Norhill Homes

Sunset Heights Homes

Woodland Heights Homes

some Heights Neighborhoods

There are many more neighborhoods than these included in the the Heights area. It is bounded roughly from Durham on the west, and 3 freeways around it; 610 N Loop, I-10, and I-45. My Interactive Heights Map shows some nearby parts of the Heights and surrounding areas.


Greater Heights

Greater Heights is the relatively new term given to the area by the City. (It is the City’s designation for Super Neighborhood 15); It is comprised of all the Heights areas plus one neighborhood to the west of N Shepherd/Durham; Shady Acres. It’s kind of a meaningless term except Realtors and builders can now call the less prestigious Shady Acres “Greater Heights”…it sounds better.

Shady Acres Homes

If you are unfamiliar with the Heights, here is a quick tour of the area.

Heights Video

And One last quick video of some Heights shops from a blog I’ve just started, Twisted Heights.

Some Heights Shops

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Inner Loop Home Prices – Sticker Shock

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Save the Neighborhood!? Don’t Tear it Down!?

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Save the Neighborhood!? Don’t Tear it Down!?

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Heights Area Real Estate Market-Then & Now

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Heights Area Real Estate Market-Then & Now

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