Selling Heights Land By Owner

Selling Heights Land, For-Sale-By-Owner.

This article is the 4th in a series on Selling For Sale by Owner. Reading the other articles would be helpful too.

Mid 2014 Update on selling Heights land: This original post was written back when Heights land and lots were plentiful, but buyers were not. Now it is just the opposite. It has historically been difficult to sell by owner (FSBO), now it is much easier. Most of the land being sold is off MLS…that is sold without listing it. Realtors are generally still involved, but they offer it directly to builders at a reduced commission.

As a long time Houston Inner Loop Realtor here are some random thoughts on the topic.

  • Showing is easy. You don’t have to meet people at the property; they go on their own! It’s not like showing a house where you have to pick up the kids’ toys and pizza boxes before showing. It’s just there!
  • If there is a lot of new construction going on in the area, builders, buyers and realtors are all driving around. Make it easy for them to reach you.
  • Some Buyers looking to build will call you; others won’t call because they need help in selecting a lot, knowing setbacks, knowing prices, etc. They want help; and they get it free through their Realtor.
  • Builders in the area will have an interest. Some will call, others tell their Realtor to look at it for them.
  • Realtors are always looking for land for their clients. As a Houston Inner Loop Realtor, I am often looking for land for builders and buyers. If Realtors call you, talk to them. It can’t hurt, and may result in a sale.

How to sell Heights lots and tear-downs yourself?

First, sort through My Tips for FSBO’s in Part 1 for those applicable to land. Second, consider the following ideas. These are time-consuming, but it’s what I do for clients.

  • Make sure it can be found on the Internet. This is where most people start their search and do their research
  • Call every builder working in the area. Call them several times. They are all ADHD. They have to be to juggle the many tasks involved in building a house or multiple houses. They say they will look at it and then call back. They will forget. Call’em again! Email the survey, plat, pricing, whatever you have.
  • Call every Realtor selling new homes in the area. Most likely builders will buy land through their realtor.
  • Call on every construction site in the area. You can get this info through the permit department if you don’t want to walk thru mud to talk to them. Do they need more land?
  • Do all of these things, and then do them again. A builder who just sold his last house is like a junkie. He needs his next fix; his next project. He’ll be in sad shape without it. One month he may feel too busy to think about it. The next month, he is actively looking.
  • Talk to builders. What would they build on it? Get ideas to talk to next guy. Does he know anyone who might have an interest? Does he have a client for a custom home who is looking for a lot?

Don’t be a Stealth Seller. Get out there and push it!

This is the last of a 4 part series giving some advice on “For Sale By Owner”:

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If you want to talk to someone about your Heights or Inner Loop land call or email me. I’ve given help to a lot of people struggling with selling For-Sale-By-Owner….Rich