Houston Close-In Neighborhood Price Trends – Part 2

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Neighborhood Price Trends for Close in Neighborhoods

See Part 1 of Houston Subdivision Price Trends where price trends of Houston Heights homes were covered. Considering buying or selling a Heights home? Check out the previous post.

This data was taken from the yearly Houston Chronicle Subdivision price trends supplement which came out 04/11/10.

I look forward to this yearly supplement because it’s a quick easy way to see how subdivisions are doing. Suburban Neighborhoods where I used to live, like Jersey Village, Windsong. It’s also a quick way to keep an eye on neighborhoods where I’ve only sold a few homes.

Here though, for your ease are some of the close-in  older neighborhoods I specialize in. These are inside the loop, surrounding Houston Heights. The second chart are some areas just outside the N 610 Loop.

I threw in River Oaks, not because I sell there, but because everyone wants to know River Oaks Homes prices.

Subdivision Surrounding the Heights , but Still Inside the 610 Loop


Typical Price Range Price/SF2008 Price/SF2009 % Change Homes Sold 2009

Total in Subdivision

Timbergrove Manor $210-415K $161 $170 5.9% 70 1642
Lazybrook $209-366K $160 $156 -3.1% 25 664
Cottage Grove $160-331K $133 $135 1.6% 39 807
Montrose $287-667K $187 $178 -4.8% 18 378
Lindale Park $114-218K $121 $113 -6.7% 18 1085
Shady Acres $146-356K $161 $134 -10.8% 15 471
Rice Military $390-649K $177 $149 -15.9% 15 412
Idylwood $131-289K $124 $138 10.5% 10 327
River Oaks $772-2798K $361 $360 -0.4% 42 1272

The areas below are my bread and butter. The areas I know and love (#1 of course, is the Heights, where I live). These are the 1950’s style cottages and ranch style areas. Neighborhoods with a strong history of revitalization and some new construction as well.

Subdivisions Just Outside the Heights , or to the West

Subdivision Typical Price Range Price/SF2008 Price/SF2009 % Change Homes Sold 2009 Total in Subdivision
Oak Forest $125-309K $129 $138 7.0% 235 5485
Garden Oaks $185-508K $167 $170 2.2% 74 1404
Shepherd Forest $113-204K $123 $127 3.2% 31 917
Shepherd Park Plaza $224-384K $122 $133 8.9% 21 727
Spring Shadows $138-215K $74 $79 7.7% 48 1934
Langwood $50-105K $69 $68 -0.9% 23 1649

As a realtor, I have access to a lot of historical data on home prices. I certainly wouldn’t make buying decisions based on data here. What these table are good for is comparing subdivisions: Comparing approximate prices, approximate sales, approximate size of subdivision. It is not good for specific pricing, and defining real trends. Oak Forest for example, is next door to Garden Oaks, but is priced less and has more homes to choose from. This tells you it’s more affordable and easier to find a house, but you have to see and feel the neighborhood to see if it’s right for you.

Anyway, dig through the data. Look at my Interactive Map to see where most of the are located, then check out my blog posts on the different neighborhoods.

If you are looking to a buy a close-in Houston home   (especially in older neighborhoods) call to chat.  I’m an Inner Loop Realtor who has bought, sold and remodeled these cool old homes.

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