625 Harvard St, Historic Heights Renovation

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A Victorian Historic Heights Renovation

Historic Heights Renovation-Harvard St
The renovation and expansion of 625 Harvard is near a turning point. Since the house is within one of the historic districts (Houston Heights South), the front exterior is original, with the expansion at the rear.
Until recently 625 Harvard was difficult to show…it was a construction site. After the trim carpenters finished and they moved their saws and lumber out, the painters came in. Lots of plastic sheets, paint spray and paint fumes. Finally the cabinets, trim and walls are painted  :-), but so are the floors, windows, etc.  🙁  This will be cleaned up soon though. But…it can now be shown! The tile guys are working now, but they aren’t very messy.

So, the photos don’t look great at this point on MLS, but you can see the basics of the house. Just ignore the overspray on the floors and windows. The attached  slideshow are some of the latest photos. What you get from this is a rough feel for the house, and the detailed trim going into it.

As of today (2/11/13) the granite is in, and multiple tile crews are working. Buyers will then be able to visualize what the house will be like. I will re-shoot the house in a few days. The limestone, travertine, subway tiles, glass tile accents, etc. that Dee has selected will be gorgeous after installation. Come back in a few days for update, or call for a showing.

I also made a video collage of some of HDT’s previous homes in the Heights. It is a little long (5 minutes), but shows the artistic final product HDT builds in the Heights.

After completion of tile, HDT will begin installation of plumbing and electrical fixtures. If weather cooperates, I will hold the house open at that point.
As mentioned before, HDT is in planning/permitting stage of 2 more large renovations, a large new construction, and 4 smaller new homes. Contact me for info on these….your Houston Heights Realtor.

Expected completion date of this Historic Heights renovation is end of March.

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