First Ward Historic Designation

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First Ward Historic Designation-Time is Running Out!

A portion of First Ward is petitioning for Historic Designation. First Ward is just South of the existing historic district of Sixth Ward.I wrote about this earlier in another blog, Now channel 13 is talking about it too.

First Ward Historic Designation?

First Ward Historic District?

Unfortunately, First Ward has had a huge (HUGE) influx of townhomes in the last couple of years. Land there went from $20/SF just a few years ago to $50/SF. That means the cool little folk Victorians that used to sell for $100K to restore and live in, are now being sold for $250K to knock down and build two new homes. With so much already destroyed, and the character changing daily…is it too late?
I have never been a big proponent of historic districts. I don’t like people telling others what they can or can’t do with their own house. However, this is an area of wonderful old homes that won’t exist much longer without protection
But deadline for homeowners in the area to vote yes or no is February 24th…not much time. Good luck with your decision.
The Channel 13 story quotes a couple of residents on both sides of argument.
Once the ballots are collected February 24, there will be public hearings. City council has the final say in this, and their vote isn’t expected to happen until June
The Video below is from Channel 13

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