Heights Historic District Renovation-Sneak Preview

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Heights Historic District Renovation-1845 Harvard St

HDT Builders recently sold their 625 Harvard renovation and are in the middle of their next projects. One of them is the renovation of 1845 Harvard St.

Early Photo 1845 Harvard

Early Photo of 1845 Harvard

Heights Historic District Renovation

1845 Harvard-Before Work Begins. Note Missing Parapet.

1845 Harvard is in the Heights Historic District East. It is a Mediterranean Revival style home that had been sadly neglected. An early photo of the house is serving as a guide for the restoration. The parapet (think Alamo) is being restored and awnings will shade the doors and windows like the old photo.

Old Push Button Switch-Heights

Old Push Button Switch

Original Light Fixtures-Heights

Original Light Fixture

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the old push-button switches like these. The light fixtures are getting to be rare too.
The photos below show the old stucco removed from the original structure (the parapet is being added back), and the addition to the home bing framed.

1845 Harvard Stripped Bare

The Original House Stripped of Stucco

Addition to 1845 Harvard Begins

Addition to 1845 Harvard Begins

These photos were taken some time ago. Since then then the exterior has been completed, and new stucco applied. The interior sheetrock has been hung and 4″ walnut flooring is down. Walnut is a rare in Heights flooring and will be stunning when finished. Sal of HTC (Houston Total Carpentry) has just started the interior trim work. He does fantastic work. See 625 Harvard for HDT’s previous renovation, recently completed and sold.
I will update photos, add floor plans, appliance packages, etc. soon. This 4000 SF home will be on MLS in a week or so.
Subscribe to my blog posts to be notified of updates. 08/14 update. Home is listed on MLS now MLS # 54618687
Historic district renovations are difficult to do. There is a steep learning curve on what will be approved. HDT has mastered this. To see an example of an HDT historic home renovation see the YouTube video of 625 Harvard. This was made when home was nearing completion.

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