625 Harvard-Heights Victorian Nearing Completion

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HDT’s Heights Victorian Nearing Completion

June 2014 Update: This house sold long ago, but HDT is working on 3 more elegant homes in Houston Heights: 1843 Harvard, 1845 Harvard, and another Victorian renovation at 1539 Rutland St.
April 2016: All the homes above sold but 4 new homes are on the market: 212 – 224 W 24th St.

HDT’s renovation of 625 Harvard is nearing completion. The plumbing fixtures are in; the lighting fixtures are in; the electricity is on; appliances went in and will be trimmed this week.

With the lights on, it is finally showing its character. There is still work to be done, but it’s not a cold, dark construction site.

Here are a few photos taken today. Dee chose the fixtures in keeping with the Victorian style and the very tall ceilings. Small, simple fixtures would not work.

625 Harvard-Victorian Renovation

Heights Victorian-Dining Room

Heights Victorian-Kitchen Renovation
Heights Victorian-Kitchen Light

Heights Victorian-Study
Heights Renovation-Master Bath
There isn’t too much left remaining to complete. Refinishing the floors is the big, obvious one. This will make a HUGE difference in appearance. Then final interior paint coat will be done. Mirrors, glass doors, cabinet hardware, and screening the back porch are left. We are still waiting for gas meter installation. It was ordered 2 weeks ago, but wheels turn slow.
Completion is expected ~3/27/13


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I have written about this Heights Victorian renovation/expansion several times; the previous post has a video of HDT’s completed homes.

For more information on the Heights/Greater Heights please see:


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