Heights New Construction By HDT Builders: Part 2 – Framing, Decking Complete

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The two new Houston Heights homes being built by HDT Builders are progressing quickly.  Framing is complete on one (1017A Waverly) and windows are being installed.

April 2016 Note: These sold years ago but HDT has just completed 4 new homes at 212-224 W 24th St. in the Height.

The framing stage is probably the only stage where you see major changes occurring daily. The steps leading up to the foundation is slow, time-consuming work, involving City permitting, site work, etc.  Once piers are drilled, poured and capped, the foundation structure is added quickly.  Beams and floor trusses go on, then walls are framed, subfloors are in, rough stairs are in, and roof is framed. Voila! A framed see-through house!

This week OSB siding and roof decking have been added. You can now walk the house and get a feel for room sizes, placement of cabinets, etc. No sheetrock yet, but at least you can walk around in it.

After OSB is on, the house is next wrapped in a breathable house wrap. The next step, that of installing windows, is where we are now on 1017A Waverly. This part can be a little tricky. I’ve seen more than one newly built house with leaking windows after a major storm…not a good thing.

Window installation is an evolving art. These homes are using high-end Anderson windows. They are double hung (the top pane slides open too, as well as the bottom) wood windows that are vinyl coated on the outside, and pre-primed on the inside. They are of course insulated, low-e, etc.

Because they are Anderson windows, the Anderson rep came to the site to show the installers how to properly install and weather-strip the windows. It involves properly cutting the house wrap, using a formable sill flashing, sealants, and a sealing tape that covers and seals everything. No drafts or leaky windows here! Windows are being installed now on 1017A Waverly.  The framers have now moved over to 1017B Waverly and are doing the second floor.
Next post: MLS details of these Houston Heights homes for sale.

Houston Heights New Construction by HDT Builders

1017A Waverly. Framed; windows being added

Detail of Anderson Window Installation in Houston Heights New Construction

Installation and Weather-proofing Windows Is Becoming a Science

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