Stunning Houston Heights Rental

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New Heights Rentals by Shade House Development

April 2015 update: These homes rented long ago, but they have built a whole new section of even better homes across the street. The rental market for inner loop homes continues to be extremely tight. My business partner does more rentals than I do. Give me a call if we can help.

I moved to the Heights years ago because of its old homes and eclectic nature.  The “eclectic” part of the Heights is diminishing though. The odd, funky little places are disappearing and being replaced by new  “Heights” style homes. The Heights is not known for cutting edge architecture.  New construction in the Heights is traditional, conservative, and fits in the neighborhood. This is what most builder strive for.  An unusual/daring group of homes though have been built on W 25th St.
Stunning Heights Rental

Heights Rentals - Shade House Development
Shade House Development has built the “new row house” on the 200 block of W 25th. These are unusual in many ways: they are metal-clad (not just painted metal, but shiny-stand-out metal); they don’t pretend to be different from each other –they look very similar and are all in a row; they are contemporary-maybe a soft contemporary, but even that is bold for the Heights.

What amazed me though, is that these were built with the intention of renting them. Free-standing homes built as rentals! If you are looking for a unique high end rental, there is one left 230 W 25th St in the Heights. $2850/mo for 1910 SF of minimalist luxury.. These are not my listings; I just love them and want to help show them off. If you are looking for a cool abode, call me and we’ll go through them together. These are cool homes that show the Heights is attracting some forward thinking builders.

These homes and previous developments of Shade House Development were featured in Dwell magazine.

In case you are looking for a rental, the following link shows some of the Heights Rental Homes available. Rentals are always tough to find, so contact me if you need help. I or my partners Theresa Garza or Tom Craft will be glad to give advice.

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