Entire Town for Sale-Pray Montana

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Pray Montana, Not Quite the Heights

Pray Montana Town for Sale

Pray Montana Town for Sale

Pray Montana Surroundings

Pray Montana Surroundings

Pray Montana is not city living

This is not City Living

This has nothing to do with Heights area real estate, but I am always fascinated when I see an entire town for sale.
I just spent a week in Yellowstone and it’s north entrance of Gardiner, MT. I was wondering around on a gravel road north of Gardiner looking at the massive amounts of firewood people are stock piling for winter (When the stack of firewood looks like a 40 ft long wall, you know they have tough winters). I ran across an entire tow for sale! Not a big town; but $1.4 M will buy 5 acres, a post office, an empty (the town is not exactly booming) general store, and a trailer park. There may have been other buildings too…not sure.

Here’s a photo of the town and some nearby shots. Natural beauty and serenity is what you get here, plus elk and mule deer eating out of your bird feeder. There’s a reason it’s called Big Sky country. Evidently it’s been for sale for two years, there are several web accounts of it.

Town owner Barbara Walker told The Daily that she’s selling the town because she’d prefer not to continue to manage it alone; her husband died in 2006. Understandable, we’d say, considering the demanding roles she must play aside from being its de facto mayor. “I’m the sheriff and the garbage control and the animal control officer,” she told The Daily.

I’m back to real life, and need to go back to work, but maybe one of you would like to own a whole town…Good luck.


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