Java Java Cafe for Sale in Heights

Filed in Heights News & Events by on October 16, 2014

Heights Land for Sale…Java Java Cafe

Heights Java Java Cafe for Sale

Heights Java Java Cafe for Sale

The venerable (venerable being anything that has been in the Heights longer than than I have) Java Java Cafe is on the market for sale.

The funky little 1940’s building isn’t worth a lot, but the 17,000+SF lot is valuable. The Heights is a now premier destination  for commercial and residential properties. What would seem a ridiculous price two years ago is now the norm.

With frontage on 3 streets, it’s perfect for commercial, mixed use, townhomes.

I have always thought E 11th is the perfect place to bring back mixed use…shops downstairs, residences upstairs.

$1,250,000 is now a reasonable price for this ($71.20/SF). 911 E 11th St at Herkimer St. MLS 20892100

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