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The Heights is Poised to Take Advantage of Relocations.

I recently wrote about Local Real Estate and Oil Prices. I’m not going to expand on that here, but will add one observation.

At a recent open house at a high-end Heights house, I had relocation buyers from Singapore, Thailand, and Netherlands visiting. They were all energy/chemical related. All coming back to work Exxon/Mobil, Chevron and other related companies. These buyers will be working in Woodlands or Energy Corridor. They did not want to live in the suburbs though.
Most of these company employees will be living near their place of work. Not the ex-pats though. The ex-pats have seen the world and they are not going to be happy back in “Kansas” (the suburbs) any more.

These people want inner loop living with quick access to freeways and their jobs. The Heights will be getting a lot of these people.

The images below are just some of the projects ongoing here.

My page on the Heights will give info on all the Heights Neighborhoods making up this area

Exxon Mobil Campus

The “Biggie”- Exxon Mobil Campus – Woodlands


Chevron Phillips Expansion

Chevron Phillips Expansion

Nalco Plant-Sugarland

Nalco Plant-Sugarland

Anadarko Headquarters - Woodlands

Anadarko Headquarters – Woodlands

Exxon Mobil Entrance-Energy Center

Exxon Mobil Entrance-Energy Center

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