Random Thoughts of a Houston Heights Realtor, and Introducing Sockie

Filed in Heights News & Events by on January 24, 2010

Sockie made me do it. He’s been cooped up so much with cold, wet, dreary weather that he convinced me we needed to get out and enjoy this beautiful Friday. Go to the beach.  Being a semi-workaholic, I justified the time off by taking a detour on the way to Galveston and taking new photos of a listing I have in Harborwalk.

Harborwalk lot for sale. Bulkhead, canal lot. Great water access to bay.

If you haven’t been there, Harborwalk is a community in Hitchcock that is adjoins the bay. Canal-front homes and home sites, marina, community pool, etc. Gorgeous place.

On to Galveston! It’s 75 F in Houston, sunny, light breeze. It’s always cooler and windier there, so shorts and jacket. Jamaica Beach was 10 degrees cooler, but just a gentle breeze. Perfect for walking on beach, making vitamin D (yeah, I’m caught up in the hype on vitamin D – taking 4000 units per day) and finally finishing those New Year plans and goals.

Anyway, here is Sockie.

Unlike other friends, Sockie can take off any day and go to the beach.

Most people in Woodland Heights know Socky; at least those within a 2 block radius of my house on Omar.  He knows them because he used to be an escape artist. He was an outdoor dog who would hop my fence at will and look for the nearest house with an open door. I have had many startled people call me saying my dog is in their living room (my phone number is in BIG print on his collar).  He always preferred the living room he had found over going back to my yard.  He is now an indoor dog, a very large, very happy indoor dog. I guess that was his plan all along.  Perseverance does pay off. I should have put advertising on him back in his wandering days.

Goals for the year wrapped up. Real estate, real estate investing, Internet marketing. plus the usual family, social, physical, mental stuff. I promise I’ll do better this year. Perseverance again.

Thoughts on the coming week:  I’m helping a Heights builder duo find land for their next project. There are a lot of lots available, but location has to match style of house. I’m talking to a few FSBO’s who have been trying to sell their land. This should work out well for everyone.

I will start marketing efforts for two Heights new construction nearing completion. We want them sheetrocked, front entry complete and most of the rubble hauled off before we start showing them. This builder is unusual: his homes will complete just as the buying season really gets going this spring. Amazing!  Normally, I’m given a Thanksgiving completion date.…A lot of cold winter open houses.

I’ve also got a stunning townhouse for sale that I need to get more traffic to. Do you know anyone who would like a contemporary home and be able to walk to the under-construction light rail line going down Fulton and N Main streets? 309 Quitman is the address.

See, I’m not totally goofing off. I’ll pretend planning is work too. Walking on the beach and planning week and life, is not a bad day. Socky is happy too. There is plenty of time to go back and sell Houston Heights homes.

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