Development on Studewood-Studewood Place

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New Heights Development on Studewood?…Studewood Place

I just found out about Studewood Place. Until recently, I had not even looked behind the fence camouflaging the construction site at Studewood at 10th ½ St. in the Heights. Right behind my office, and I hadn’t even peeked. Too “busy” I guess. That’s probably true in many ways in my life. I need to un-busy it….I digress. Anyway, I was amazed at how deep that hole was. Do you remember being a kid and going downtown during construction? They would always put up those plywood tunnels so they wouldn’t kill bystanders when they dropped stuff. They had those cool cutouts where you could watch the mysterious goings on. These sites always started with deep holes. I loved it!
Anyway…it’s not that mysterious. Here is a photo taken from a back window of my home-away-from-home, Anderson Properties on E 11th St.

Future Studewood Place, Studewood at 10th 1/2 St, Houston heights

Well At Least The Hole's Not Getting Any Deeper...Future Studewood Place

All I had heard about this project was that it was some kind of 6 story mixed use building: Retail, residential, and of course parking.
Well, Swamplot comes through again with a post about the project (If you don’t read Swamplot.com, you really don’t know what is going on). They don’t know the details either, but talked to the Developer Vita Nuova and found some info: “They’re planning a cast-in-place concrete structure with an all- or mostly masonry exterior, containing apartments or condos and “some retail.” Also included: some multi-level parking and some “really cool green space.” ……… Vita Nuova plans to put a sign up soon announcing more details in the next 30 days.” . Read the rest of the details about Studewood Place here at Swamplot .

Some limited info on developer Vita Nuova is on their website.
I had always thought E11th St would be a good place for mixed use. Several people have planned retail use at ground level, and rental flats above. A wonderful use I thought, but they never worked out. Six stories though? The Heights is changing.
I haven’t heard too many gripes about this from neighbors yet…hmmm…maybe that camoflaging cloth barrier really works.
Watch for Studewood Place to rise from the hole…Rich

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