Available Homes for Sale in Woodland Heights

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Woodland Heights Homes for Sale-2010

My previous post gave info about Woodland Heights homes, history and character. This one gives prices of some Woodland Heights homes for sale.

Woodland Heights home for sale: 1030 Merrill

1030 Merrill $279,900 – 2/1 – 1226 SF

Woodland Heights home for sale - 715 Ridge

715 Ridge $309,000 – 2/1 – 1074 SF

Norhill home for sale, 3512 Pineridge

3512 Pineridge $361,000 – 2/2 – 1520 SF

Woodlland Heights Brick Cottage - 806 Sledge St

806 Sledge St $420,000 – 3/2 – 1579 SF

Woodland Heights Home for Sale - 709 Byrne St

709 Byrne St – $436,500 3/2 – 1960 SF

Woodland Heights home for sale -942 Euclid St

942 Euclid St. $1,099,000 – 4/3.5 – 4686 SF

As a Houston Heights Realtor and long-time resident of Woodland Heights, this is my favorite neighborhood. I live in a 1909 Craftsman bungalow on Omar St. The Craftsman style home (from the Arts and Crafts movement) is my favvorite style of home and the predominant style of the area.

There are currently 30 homes for sale in Woodland Heights (including Woodland Terrace, Woodson Place, Norhill, Ridgemont, and a few other smaller areas). These range in price from $227,00 (original condition/land value) to $1,099,000 for a huge, recent-construction home on oversize lot. Not all of these are Anderson Property listings, but they are all homes I would recommend.

Instead of boring stats, I’ll just show a few available homes, so you can get a feel for the area.

There are only a couple of new homes available now.  Because of high Woodland Heights lot prices (>$200,000) and the fact that Woodland Heights lots cannot be subdivided (and thus put two homes on one lot), these new homes are at the high end of the market.

Some of the Woodland Heights new home builders are:

Craftsman Builders, Partners in Building, T &W Builders, Robert Sanders Homes; Allegro Homes, and Pyramid Builders.

If you are looking for Woodland Heights homes for sale

or just considering moving to Woodland Heights, Houston Heights or surrounding older neighborhoods, give me a call to chat. You may also leave comment or question below.
If you are new to the area, or confused by the multitude of close-in Houston neighborhoods, check out my Interactive Map of Houston Neighborhoods.

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