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Woodland Heights Home Inventory is Low-2013

Fourth quarter sales of Woodland Heights homes were only slightly higher than 4th Q of the previous year; 17 homes sold (15 in 4Q ‘11). This does not mean that activity is stagnant…just the opposite..there is just too little inventory to sell!

I’ve had several clients wanting a bungalow in Woodland Heights, but they all sold within a couple of days. In fact the average Days on Market is only 19 days, instead of 60-90 days.

The little bungalows needing updating, are around $300K+, but one sold for $388K because it was on a 7500 SF lot,instead of typical 5000 SF lot.

The home pictured below is my favorite one currently on the market. 711 Euclid is 3111 SF 3/2 priced at $565K…a gorgeous home!   I won’t give MLS info, because it will be gone before you read this.

Woodland Heights -For Sale
Woodland Heights Home For Sale

Giving a price per SF is tough with little sales, but I would say renovated bungalows 1200-1300 SF are around $300/SF. The larger homes around $250/SF.

The one new home sold was 700 Teetshorn, by Modern Bungalow. It was $775K for 3111 SF. This is also $250/SF.

I am attaching a pdf list of Woodland Heights Area Homes on Market 2-5-13 currently on the market. This list will be immediately out of date, but it gives a snapshot of home inventory as of today.

I am also attaching a list of Woodland Heights Home Sales in 4th Q. Without descriptions, the list is meaningless, but it does give an idea of price ranges.

Note: For this discussion, I am using the area south of Pecore, east of Studewood as “Woodland Heights” which includes Norhill.

Woodland Heights is one of the premier Heights neighborhoods. For more information on the Heights/Greater Heights please see the following pages:

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