Woodland Heights Home Sales YTD

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Woodland Heights Home Sales-2011

My Woodland Heights neighbors are always interested in what the area homes are selling for; especially with all the gloomy real estate news. So, I’m attaching a pdf of home sales for Woodland Heights Area.
28 homes have sold since Jan 1. These range from $175 K to $770K, averaging $387,700.Woodland Heights YTD Sales

Woodland Heights - 626 Merrill St.

626 Merrill – 3/2/1 – $259,000

Woodland Heights -2503 White Oak Dr

2503 White Oak Dr – 4/3.5/2 – $949,000

For someone looking to buy in one of the premier areas of the Heights, Woodland Heights has about 25 homes for sale. These range from $259,000 for a 1394 SF bungalow on Merrill to $949,000 for a recent construction 4/3.5/2 on White Oak. Again, here is an ugly pdf file showing the list of Woodland Heights Homes for Sale. These charts are only good for analytical types looking for data on price per SF, etc. Woodland Heights Available Homes
Also see my page on Woodland Heights homes.
The Woodland Heights Civic Association is very strong. The June WHCA Newsletter was just published. Go to the WHCA Website and click on June  Newsletter.
Another topic: Historic District designation is still in the news. The Houston Press talks about a protest of the “bait and switch” tactics that had been used in getting signatures for the historic preservation designation for Woodland Heights and other Heights neighborhoods. Quoting…”There are a bunch of folks in Heights South, Woodland Heights and Glenbrook Valley seriously P.O.’d about what they’re calling a classic “bait-and-switch” technique pulled by the City of Houston…” See the rest here: Historic Preservation.
And a last minute topic (I apologize for being late on this..it happens tomorrow). The Woodland Heights Walking Tour is Sunday June 12. “This architecture-only Greater Houston Preservation Alliance Walking Tour begins on the tree-shaded streets of historic Woodland Heights. This picturesque neighborhood of bungalows and cottages northwest of downtown Houston was one of the city’s first streetcar suburbs when development began in 1907. This is an exterior architecture tour only. The tour will not go inside any of the houses….” See rest of article on Woodland Heights Walking Tour.

Woodland Heights is one of the premier Heights neighborhoods. For more information on the Heights/Greater Heights please see the following pages:

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